What Happens if a Person Passes Away Without a Will?

Drafting a last will and testament is a task that is on everyone’s to-do list. This document provides the courts with instructions on how a person desires to have their assets distributed upon their passing and is the backbone of a comprehensive estate plan. What happens, however, if a person passes away in California without having created a will?

Who Gets a Person’s Assets?

While many people believe that a person’s property will simply be inherited by the State, this is not the case. Instead, a person’s assets will be distributed in probate court according to California’s intestate succession laws. Under intestacy, a decedent’s property and possessions will be distributed to their closest living relatives.

If a person dies with:

  • A Living child but no siblings, parents, or spouse: The children will inherit everything.
  • A living spouse but no parents, child, or siblings: The spouse will inherit everything.
  • Living parents but no siblings, spouse, or child: The parents will inherit everything.
  • Living siblings but no parents, spouse, or child: The siblings will inherit everything.
  • A living child and spouse: The spouse will inherit all community property and up to one half of separate property. Children will inherit up to two-thirds of separate property.
  • A living parents and spouse: The spouse will inherit all community property and half of separate property. The parents will inherit the other half of separate property.
  • A living sibling and spouse, but no parents: The spouse will inherit all community property and half of separate property. Siblings will inherit the other half of separate property.

How is Probate Administered Without a Will?

Probate administration without a will is similar to the process used when a will exists. Instead of an “executor,” an “administrator” is appointed by the courts. After selling a certain amount of the decedent’s assets to satisfy any outstanding debts and filing taxes, the administrator will oversee the process of appraising, cataloging, and distributing a person’s property according to intestacy.

If your loved one has passed away without a will, it is important you contact a knowledgeable probate attorney to simplify the complex legal process and guide you through the appropriate channels. A lawyer can handle any disputes that should arise on your behalf and help you pursue the smoothest resolution possible.

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