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Contesting a Trust in Los Angeles

What Are the Grounds for Contesting a Trust in California?

If you have been faced with a trust that seems fake or as if it was written under duress, you may be asking yourself “Can I contest a trust?” The answer is yes. Under any of the below circumstances the state of California allows individuals to contest a trust:

  • If the trust appears to be fake, or the drafter appears to have experienced undue influence or manipulation from other beneficiaries
  • The drafter of the trust was not of sound mind at the time that they created the trust
  • The trust did not follow the legal provisions set forth by California, particularly if there were no witnesses or the legal witnesses present were beneficiaries or grantors

How Long Do You Have to Contest a Trust?

It’s important that you take immediate action to file a trust contest. In the state of California, you only have 120 days following the date you were notified by the trustee to file a case with the probate court. If you fail to file the proper documents within that amount of time you will miss out on your opportunity to contest the trust. Our probate attorneys are standing by to help you file your claim and get the wheels turning.

If you believe that you have grounds to contest a trust, it is important that you contact Mansell & Mansell as soon as possible. Call (323) 208-3501 today!

Can An Irrevocable Trust Be Contested?

Yes! Just because a trust is irrevocable, does not mean that it cannot still be contested. If you have strong grounds for contesting the trust, a court will likely grant you the opportunity to argue your case. If your allegations prove correct, a judge may even allow the trust to be terminated or invalidated in some areas.

How Can Mansell & Mansell Help?

Mansell & Mansell has more than 65 years of combined experience assisting clients in obtaining favorable resolutions to their probate-related cases, and we may be able to help you overcome your complex legal situation, too.

We have handled thousands of cases and we are confident in our ability to provide outstanding representation that can help you achieve the most from your trust contest situation. If you have been considering filing a petition with the California probate court regarding a trust, we encourage you to contact our firm as soon as possible to speak with a Los Angeles probate lawyer.

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Although this time in your life can seem difficult, Mansell & Mansell has the tools and experience you need to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you obtain the assistance you deserve. We have extensive knowledge of California and federal probate laws and we will use this experience to benefit you to the best of our abilities.

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